Does the world maker faire represent everyone?


On the eve of the Wold Maker Faire I am very excited to see the representative inventors and companies hawking new technologies, but I’m also interested this year to see if the movement is broadening it’s reach beyond it’s core constituents. The momentum has been building and should be pulling in now, more women and people of color – if we want to see a full societal change for good. As I recall from the observations made by Tim Bajarin in his Time magazine piece of this year during the San Mateo Faire, “The Maker Faire is a great show and is highly inclusive, and the Maker Movement itself wants everyone one to participate. But the lack of folks from these two minority communities tells me that we in the industry and those in the Maker Movement need to figure ways to get these groups of folks interested in being makers, too. Without the participation of everyone, regardless of race, the Maker Movement may not reach its full potential, especially here in America.”  So it is with that watchful thought I will attend, observe and marvel over new technology and innovation, and hopefully meet new members from the under recognized sector.

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