The right tool for the job

MobilemakerED_Cart_ Epilog Laser_Dayschool

The Epilog Zing 16 is the most reliable and smallest laser engraver and cutter on the market today. This notoriety comes in handy when you’re trying to bring Maker Education to as many students as possible. This is the ambitious goal of Adfabed, which is the Brooklyn based non-profit known as Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education. The laser cutter as a tool for hands-on learning has proven to be a key component in most maker space designs now being built for schools. Many top education experts praise and endorse the maker movement as it promotes critical thinking, supports STEM and connects with all levels of learners. However, many administrators feel the limitations like budgets, space restrictions, construction approvals and procurement logistics when they are attempting to bring these type of programs and equipment into their school. So to work around these issues, Adfabed designed the MobilemakerEd Cart which is a full fabrication Lab on wheels, and this marvel was all built around the Zing 16 whose small but mighty size allows this cart to move through standard doorways and go from classroom to classroom. The mobility of the cart is complemented by its comprehensiveness which includes additive and subtractive fabrication, power and hand tools and electronic project parts to get students engaged in learning by doing. this makes it a great choice for a large number of schools that are struggling to find a way to keep their education relevant to today.  John Jefferys, the Director of Adfabed says, “Enabling access to meaningful learning is what Adfabed is all about and Epilog has made this mission possible were no other laser could, its just the right tool for the job”

The MobilemakerEd Cart has been seeing results in the New York City Schools where many students in isolated neighborhoods have limited resources. The Cart gives these students a chance to learn all aspects of digital fabrication and creates a foundation for the advanced manufacturing future they will inherit. Adfabed will continue its mission and expand its reaches in 2018 expanding into other parts of the country with Carts and supportive PD workshops on integrating the Maker curriculum.

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