Maker Space Design Service

As both an educator and a designer with a longtime passion for inquiry and project-based approaches to teaching and learning I can guide your administration through the process of creating a School Maker Space. Through a series of workshops with selected groups of teachers and students, Adfabed develops a working plan to clarify both the learning goals and the spatial needs as connected to maker-thinking and doing. This initial phase for school administrators and contractors includes generating a list of guiding principles and priorities for design, identifying specific campus redesign and building projects that support these priorities, and engaging teachers and students in carrying them out.

To help guide this endeavor, we help each school in creating a plan that outlines their short and long-term implementation goals. The process turns out to be a great energizer for those involved, and can dramatically influence the ways in which people use space, interact, and collaborate. Let us help you get started on a successful implementation of a Maker Space program at any scale.

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Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education is a registered qualified vendor with the New York City School Construction Authority.