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This Cart is going places

I know everyone we have spoken with recently has been very receptive and enthusiastic about the work we have been doing in Maker Education. I am very proud to tell you that we now have available the new Mobilemaker:ED Cart which is a true mobile fabrication lab for education. We are producing this equipment as part of our mission to bring access to meaningful learning opportunities for K-12 schools with restricted space, limited budgets, or procurement restrictions. This custom stand-alone unit was designed by our Industrial Design/Maker friends and they have thought of everything, so it really brings a full fabrication lab to a school or community organization, in a footprint about the same as a laptop cart.

We work with educators in developing their comfort level with new technology hardware and software through a series of Professional Development workshops and extended technical support throughout the academic year. The Mobilemaker:ED program includes providing maker space facilitators to the schools and organizations, who then become the stewards of the curriculum introduction and do this by creating a tailored integration infrastructure which includes both educators and administrators. Facilitators also provide direct teaching support for the students during the curricular project execution.

We are currently taking orders for Fall Semester ’17. If you are in the states of New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, we are distributing through our partner Allegheny Educational Systems. 

Contact us to learn about the Cart’s complete inventory, specifications and the related curriculum programs available.


  Download our MobileMakerED Cart Brochure Here

The Mobilemaker:ED Cart is registered under USPTO Patent Pending 62,476,905