Maker Party is a connected learning smorgasbord

maker party Bnx library

Maker Party events feature people of all ages who are learning to code, making stop-motion animations, designing games, creating digital stories, fabricating wearable technologies, remixing websites, and so much more. John Jefferys from AdFABe, in conjunction with Nancy Otero of Active Emergence, participated in the Mozilla / Hive NYC’s Maker Party at the Bronx Library Center. The Maker Party is a great example of how engaging connected learning can become when it is interest-driven and production-centered. The mentors worked with a hands-on activity of building the Grand Canyon, from hundreds of laser-cut topographic layers which connected students with the concepts of spatial coordinate systems. The project encouraged further online research regarding mapping systems. More Maker Party events will run through September 15th, during which educators and makers will create opportunities to share hands-on making by hosting “learning parties” in schools, libraries, museums and community centers.


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